Why Us?

    There are certainly lots of other choices. So, why choose the North Valley Breast Clinic for your care? There are three reasons: 

    • We can complete your evaluation in one day. 
    • Our cancer survival is equivalent to the best university centers.
    • We detect cancers earlier than centers that screen with mammography alone.

    Women treated for their breast cancer here at the Clinic enjoy survival rates equivalent to women treated at the best university centers in California. For early-stage breast cancers, your survival when treated here will be the same as if you did not have breast cancer. This is far above the national and regional averages for breast cancer treatment.

    There are many reasons why this is the case, but the bottom line is that I take personal responsibility for how the clients I treat do over time.  I never have and never will refer a woman with cancer to see an oncologist or back to their primary care provider just to be followed after surgery. I want each of my patients to have the best follow-up care possible. I want to prevent recurrences and if there is a recurrence, I want to catch it as early as possible. I want it done right, so I do it myself.

    Breast cancer screening is critically important.  The reason we screen is to catch breast cancers as early as possible. Despite advances in treatment, women with early breast cancers simply live longer.  And their treatment is less costly.  Most importantly, the vast burden of human suffering caused by advanced breast cancers is avoided by screening. 

    The addition of automated breast ultrasound to mammography in women with dense breast tissue increases the detection of early stage breast cancer by 50%.  These are cancers that would be missed on mammogram. The detection of these cancers results in a decreased stage at diagnosis for women screened here at the Clinic. 

    Nobody wants to wait for a diagnosis; something that happens all too often. Say you have a finding on mammogram. Then you need additional views. This has to be ordered and scheduled. Then you need an ultrasound. Perhaps a biopsy.  More delays. Sound familiar? When I see a client referred over after a cancer diagnosis elsewhere, the time from when an abnormality was discovered to when the diagnosis was made is usually upwards of six weeks.

    Not here. I image my clients until they have a diagnosis. You need extra views? Done. Today. An ultrasound? Done. A biopsy? Also done. Right now. I have set up this practice for same-day service because that is how I would want to be treated if I were undergoing evaluation.

    I have built the Redding area's only comprehensive clinic and spent my entire career making it into the center of breast care excellence in this region.  That is why you should choose the North Valley Breast Clinic for your care.


    Ian Grady MD, FACS