Tired of waiting until sometime next month (maybe) before you can get an appointment? Call us. We can offer you an appointment within two business days. If your insurance carrier requires that you get a referral, we can help you get one. Otherwise, just come see us. 


Screening is imaging to look for a breast cancer before you have a symptom, like a lump. Screening is important. Screening, more than anything else, is responsible for the decrease in death rates from breast cancer that we have seen in the last few years. But screening has to be done well to be effective.

You can find a lot in the news lately about different groups proposing confusing recommendations for who should be screened and how often. Our approach is simple. We want to do everything possible to prevent you from being diagnosed with an advanced cancer. Period.


This approach to screening saves lives, saves money, and prevents unimaginable human suffering. This is not theory, opinion, or conjecture. We know this.

So, we can do your screening mammogram.  If you have increased density, we will let you know. Today. Then you can get your ultrasound. Today. You leave the Clinic with your results. Today. 



Say you have a finding on your screening mammogram. You need further evaluation. Typically, you will get called or sent a letter to return for more mammogram views. Maybe a week or two later, these get done. Then, perhaps you need a biopsy. More delay. Now you need to see a surgeon. You need a referral. Then you set up an appointment. Lots of needless delay and anxiety. Sound familiar?

This does not happen at here at the Clinic. Because there is no real difference here between screening and diagnostic imaging. If you need additional mammogram views. OK, no problem. Let's do them now. An ultrasound? Now as well. A biopsy? Now is good. And if you need to see a surgeon, right now is just fine. When you leave the clinic, you will know your results, and everything that can be done will have been done.